Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dumb ,Dumb and Dumber

I can’t as a matter of fact find a more suitable headline for it…..what am I talking about you may ask  ?  ….it’s  the current ignominy or putting it mildly dumb comedy  in the Nigeria football circle.

The thing is .....You have to take me as the dummy! because i am the one trying to make sense out of the many geniuses in the football circle in nigeria 

let's start with the first dumb part that means i have to quickly update you ,just in case you are as dumb and  lost as i am  on the many dramas associated with football in Nigeria .

Thursday, December 2, 2010



alright you probably don't understand what is going on in the video above - let me break it down 
It happened in the italian serie A ......yeah that league that has a lot of the players who are going over the hill ...The match ;Bari and Cesena -.Just two minutes after Cesena took the lead Bari equalized nice ...right , but you have to understand just scoring a goal and hugging and patting your back is no longer in vogue ..hell .NO.. that went out of fashion since Roger Milla danced makosa in the Italian 1990 world cup....and so since then we have been very creative way of celebrating a goal , but then as you can see  above the goal celebration have really taken a totally new dimension.
Here is the gist .....Cesena scored a goal and then about two minutes later a through ball to Francesco Caputo ..really with that kind of name you should be scared of such a guy ... Caputo scored the equalizer and then as expected the celebration -he runs towards Emmanuel Rivers the guy who passed the ball to him and punches him square in the jaw ....GBOSA ..... seriously i don't know why he did that and obviously the hapless Emmanuel Rivas doesn't know because he goes down after the PACQUIO like punch to his face .

If this is going to be a new a way of celebrating then according to our friends in dirty tackle it should make things absolutely enjoyable .... don't you think


Thursday, November 25, 2010


OKAY I KNOW U KNOW THAT'S A LINE FROM THE INCREDIBLE HULK.....come on i was a kid once .anyways its all about anger management today ,
How do you manage your anger issues ?
If Alex ferguson gets angry he gives his players the hair dryer treatment ..;
If Arsene Wenger gets angry he throws a hissy fit with a water bottle and ofcourse you know  the water ends up on his on head and then LE PROFESSEUR gets so irritated he later on throws up..thats WENGER for

but you got to be em-mm...careful if you are around the coach of FC Cluj whats his name ...Sorin Cartu when is angry ...he gets all Bruce Banner and shit....SERIOUSLY check the above video a goal is scored against his team and KABOOM he rips into the plexi glass covering  the dug out he meant  for his team and to make it worse his side is the away side in the match ..meaning he destroyed the structure so to say of his hosts.
i am imagining if whatever made him angry happened in his own stadium what will be his his reaction 
or worse i wonder what that guy will do if he remotely suspects his wife to be having an affair ..yikes ...

Monday, November 8, 2010


I feel a man should show his sensitive side once in while , let down a tear or two,.. it will do you know harm , i hear some ladies really dig a man who is not afraid to show a little sensitivity ...u know ..let down a tear and  the chic holds your hand and then cradles your  head on her ample bosom and then u get very comfortable ..u know what i mean ..and then its not baaaad when a guy lets down a tear or two when he knows you are going to get some  from an ample bosom chic like Cossy the big big breasted Ori something .....with does big mammaries staring at  you who cares about the last names ..

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Local Soccer Match Turns Into a Massacre in Honduras

Locals shot while watching a pickup game.

Sad news out of Honduras this weekend, where 14 people were killed Saturday at a community soccer field in the town of Felipe Zelaya, near the coastal city of San Pedro Sula.

The incident took place around 3:15 p.m. when a group of at least nine masked men wearing flak jackets and armed with handguns and automatic rifles, including AK47’s and M16’s, arrived at the field in two vehicles.

According to investigators, the men were posing as members of the Honduran DNIC (national police). They asked some bystanders to identify the owner of a Chevy Avalanche parked by the field.

After searching the SUV, they found several weapons, which is when they ordered the bystanders to lie down on the ground, where they were executed.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


      I have always wanted an alternate sport that would douse or distract my obsession and passion for football …okay let me rephrase take all the pain of going into fasting and becoming a prayer warrior every time the national team of Nigeria (the super eagles ) have a match/or are playing a qualifier .you can say it’s the same thing most French football fans area going through right now ......... -please the French team  have not won a grade A match ever since the  hand of HENRY got the LE BLEU into the world cup …yikes .....and just this weekend France  got beaten by Belarus …yikes …HOLY GHOST FIRE …I would love to speak in tongues but I just realized I am supposed to write in tongues and I have gotten round to start doing that ..Anyways using the words of D’banj OLORUN MAJE -........(Yoruba  for God forbid )–that happening to the Super Eagles ha…..Belarus …ke …PSHEW…            

Alright..Alright am not actually talking football today what am actually looking seeking is an alternate sport to football. A sport that will give me the same thrill, suspense drama and everything football has to offer (apart from the heartbreak) and so I have fallen in love with TENNIS …yes TENNIS …..

It’s the grace the power the control and precision the emotions and the drama that two athletes bring into the game its gives an indescribable feeling of..of … ahhhhh…..this is bullshit I don’t give a hoot about how Roger Federer slices his one hand back hand or if Rafael Nadal throws up a topspin for every forehand or can slide on a clay court from Liberia to Siberia …pleeeeeease…..its all about the chicks it’s the beauties who strut their stuff on the court in the mini skirts and knickers you cant get tired of them for me it was love at first attendance it was a pure addiction I cheered like crazy nut.
      It all started  with something I read about Wimbledon- the grand slam on grass- now before then I must confess I had a kind of passing interest in the sports because of the imperial display of Roger Federer and then I want to die kind of tennis play of Rafael Nadal and his somewhat invincibility on the clay court ..Like I said a passing interest but then this article came I had to take a closer look at tennis so as to get the groove of the Wimbledon organizers must be wondering what I am talking about ……yea it was in the Daily Mail of 2009 I read that a female players face and not how high she is ranked (ranking of course is the logical determinant of  who should be main attraction )is the factor for consideration when the organizers decides who  plays in the center/main court in the Wimbledon.
can you believe that? if you are not beautiful you cannot play in the main/center court .....HEY how come AGBANI DAREGO is not playing tennis . ?

Friday, September 3, 2010


NFF set   to advertise Eagles’ coaching job
       It was supposed to be a done deal, it was supposed to a simple task, it was supposed to be mere formality , all that was needed was the charade of the bargaining of two parties and settlement of personal terms  and then BANG …..You have her in your bed banging night away ….Ohhhh..Sorry.... What are we talking about again?.....................Ahhh   yes it’s not about getting screwed; but it’s about getting screwed of confusing but if you look at its all the same.The thing in this case is that you have to really look hard to discover who is about to get screwed and who is doing the screwing  but the fact is a screwing takes place .

Now relax I am not going to lecture you how to get an easy lay on Friday, emmm..that will not be bad though …anyways this is about the turn of events on the job of coaching the Super Eagles of Nigeria which should ordinarily have been an easy task ..its not ? then how did Cameroon, cote d'ivoire ,Angola ,Ghana - (should i go on)- manage it in such a short time with minimum fuss

A quick update
June –July- The super eagles had a terrible outing at the world cup

July -          Lars Lagerbach decides not come back

July – Aug- talk about Samson Siasia is all over the air as being the chosen one for the Super Eagles’ job 

Aug – NFF Election finally go on

Aug – a coach will be named as soon the board seats for the first time

Sept – here we join the  PUNCH